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Dr. Pam Jones, EdD. St.


​She is a mom, publicist, educator, author, dancer, painter, and administrator.  Pam has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Master's of Education in Higher Education Leadership, and currently studying for a Doctorate of Education.  She taught grades PK to high school and a two-year college.  Pam Jones started the vocational program for College of the Mainland from the ground floor to a million-dollar program, graduating students in the top 10% of the State of Texas.

After over 35 years of being an educator, Pam found herself in an unjust layoff, and she was unable to find work with two daughter's to take care of.  She finally found a teaching job in Cypress, but it wasn't enough to maintain; therefore, she prayed to God to help her find something else, so she would not face being told you are laid off by no one!   God answered, "start an online magazine, I want to take you internationally to minister to my people".  Pam thought I don't know anything about running a magazine.  God asked her a question, "what's in your hand"?  Her answer was I can write!

Pam Jones has authored three books.  She also has a daughter that is a graphic designer and the other daughter is a guru in English.  The three of them started the magazine in 2015.

Pam Jones has helped to promote, supported and connected international award-winning recording artist Nikki Berry and Reggie Campbell.  She has also promoted local recording artists and authors like NBA Agent Larry Williams and Gregory D. Anderson Jr., CEO of Texas Anger Managers, through her magazine and media packages. Pam has been so humbled by all of the multi-award-winning artists that have come through River & Word-like Stellar winner James Patterson, Stellar nominated and Grammy considered Tiffany Coleman McGee.  Tiffany was an actress on the hit series Empire during the time she was being featured in River & Word, as well as, being featured in Pam's Special Edition magazine, along with the legend in gospel music, Everett Drake.  Everett Drake got his big start on the Bobby Jones Show on BET.   Stellar nominated gospel recording artists Nikki Berry and Dy'Jah have both been in River & Word magazine.  International, multi-award-winning recording artist Shelia Moore-Piper has also been part of the River Family, and she is still a big supporter!  There are so many great people, that have been featured in River & Word such as Wall Streets Bill Readen, CEO of Ironbound and Multi-Millionaire Jeffrey Feldberg who mentored Pam Jones in her beginning stages.  Ms. Jones has met and been pictured with some of the greats like Yolanda Adams, V Michael McKay, and Kathy Taylor, who was her high school friend.  Pam Jones was the make-up artist for Kathy Taylor's productions.  Beverly Johnson and Robert Hawkins were featured artists in River & Word, as well as, Gary Mayes (her cousin) and a host more!  You can read about some of the current artist and authors by visiting

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Pam Jones the new associate producer!

Dr. Pam Jones, EdD., st.

Dr. Pam Jones, EdD., st.

Dr. Pam Jones, EdD., st.



Dr. Pam Jones was recently offered the position as an Associate Producer for "The Amber Neal Show".  She received a phone call from the CEO, Amber Neal, known as "The Go To Girl", to come join her in launching the new segment "Marridte".  Marridate is a social club for married couples, and it was designed to help cure divorce "One Couple at a time".  

Pam fell in love with the idea and by the thrid production, Amber neal said, oh by the way, you are our new producer.  Pam was literally sitting down, to be one of the panelists, to inerview a power couple, that she had brought on the show and in mid-stream, Pam's mouth fell open! She was speechless!  The room lite up with smiles, claps and congrats for the promotion!  

Pam Jones loves working on the production end and she is looking forward to helping build Marridate in saving marriages from divorce.

The Amber Neal Show

Dr. Pam Jones, EdD., st.

Dr. Pam Jones, EdD., st.



Amber Neal, CEO of the The Amber Neal Show, which owns the segments Marridate and Match Maker Hotline.  Amber is a go getter and there is nothing standing in this entrepreneurs way!  

The Amber Neal Show is seen by over 3 million viewers and the numbers just sky rocketed when she join Preach The Word Christian Network, which is viewed by over 50 million people on cable!

Amber recently hired Pam Jones, CEO of River & Word an online ditgital platform that promotes, supports and connects independent artist, and she was hired to be the associate producer.  

Amber has a heart for match making and saving marriages, through her platforms.  

Amber has been seen on Fox 26 and Channel 2 news for her Match Making tools and connections for singles and married people.

The Amber Neal Show is also a sponsor for River Awards 2020.  Get your ticket at riverandword.com and click on the River Awards 2020 in the drop menu.

Congrats on your ventures and much success to you Amber Neal