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Businessman Nolen Davis is Helping Families & Business During Colvid 19




One of Houston area businessman has given himself wholeheartedly to the community.  A servant's heart is what drives him to give to those in need, to build entrepreneurs in their infant stages, and to support Houston and surrounding cities local events.  Who is this man that has a heart as big as Texas?  Nolen Davis "Up Social Live', CEO, 2- time Guinness Book of World Record Breaker, and philanthropist.

I met Nolen Davis through a mutual friend, Amber Neal, CEO The Amber Neal Show, with over 3 million viewers, and she has hosted with Isiah Factor Uncensored, Fox 26 news.  Nolen rolls with the big boys and has been interviewed on Isiah Factor Uncensored, Fox 26 news, as well as, Good Day Houston, with Debra Duncan, where he almost stole the show with his charismatic personality!


Who is this powerful man that humbles himself to help others in need?


Nolen Davis is a visionary, that creatively directs others as a humbled servant leader.  He is charismatic in his ploy to invest and lift humanity, in a way that is non-threatening or conditional.  Nolen's giving has no strings, and what he does to build up others has no recompense, except one, as he once told me, "Pam Jones, I am going to help you and you don't owe me but I expect you to rock this with me...let's do this fam"!  

I was florid with mouth-dropping awe!  I barely knew this man, yet he helps me gain more audience through his network for free!  Who gives away a network marketing platform for you to grow your business for free, and in return, he only wants you to be successful?  I have never met anyone like Nolen Davis. 


Nolen uses his platform, Up Social Live, to give business owners a media source that is safe and prosperous.  Not only did he offer to promote us, but he also feeds us breakfast and allowed us to network and gain clients with nothing in return but "do your best and be successful"!

Nolen Davis is also the CEO of Next Up Radio Show, which aired on one of Houston's oldest stations, KCOH.  Nolen would allow business owners to come on live to be interviewed and tell the world about what their business, free!  


Nolen Davis has been noted on many platforms.  He is a two-time Guinness Book of World Record Breaker for the most interviews in 24 hours, as written in the NewsWire, who wrote, "Nolen Davis, holder of Guinness Book of World Records, founder, and host of UP Social Live, together with members build businesses and the community. UP Social Network is a Houston business networking group that helps build members' businesses. As these businesses grow, each or collectively find a way to give back to the community".  

10.000 pounds of food was given to the Houston Food Bank, to Jimmy Olson of the JJO Radio Show.  Jimmy camps out in front of Walmart stores for days, while he waits on the community to drop off food for him to give to the food bank.  Jimmy lives in a pod to assure he is their 24/7!  Nolen has been a supporter of Jimmy's cause for a few years, but in 2019, Nolen shows up in a moving truck and donates, 10,000 pounds of food!


Nolen Davis has been interviewed by several people for his valid efforts in supporting Houston and In an effort to help others, he gave away shoes to children that are disabled.

He has hosted and interviewed with Kimberly McLemore on WSAl, Your Resource for Success; Cam Hill Radio Show; Weekend Praise Party with Santoria Black and River & Word Magazine.


Nolen Davis is a motivational speaker with years of experience.  His servant Leadership is shared with his listeners to encourage them that we are all leaders.  

He is a promoter and uses his coaching skills to showcase people.  He referred to his team as the Justice League and everyone had to choose a superpower character.  

Nolen isn't your typical businessman that brags and boast on entitlement, no, he is humble, yet stylist in his quality suits, making tie and socks.  Yes, Nolen Davis will wear the most unique socks that match his suits!  He is the swagman of socks!  Davis is also a comedian with a sense of humor that will have you balling in laughter! 

"His successes include: Guinness Book world record holder for most TV interviews in a 24 hour period, published author, The Perfect Gentlemen TV show, radio host on KCOH Step Up To Greatness, and host of a multi-venue highly successful streaming network show, Up Social LIVE, getting thousands of views weekly. His client list includes; Microsoft, Todays Vision, 3 Men Movers, Oceaneering, major hospitals, and is a premier partner for Comcast, to name a few".   ~Catherine Pierce

Davis is a humanitarian to his heart!  He gave 100 pairs of shoes to kids for an entire program and took a group of kids and their parents to Schlitterbahn and iFly.     

Nolen Davis is a philanthropist and gives financial support to non-profits.  

His recent addition to helping others came from the Corona outbreak.  Nolen saw the impact that the virus had on the nation's economy, and he wanted to help do something about it.  Mr. Davis made partnership with VIV, a company that is helping people and businesses lower their bills every month.  Nolen saw where his platform, Up Social Live, could benefit the community by helping people and businesses lower their bills!  Not only is Mr. Davis helping lower builds for individuals, but he can help corporations, school districts and basically anyone who has bills!


Nolen's tenacity and drive to help people make it through this pandemic, that has caused a global crisis, was so amazingly brilliant!  I had never heard of any program that could give and help you to become financially free!  Helping others become financially free is the second part of this newfound partnership.  There are a lot of people out of work, and Nolen Davis is looking for more agents to come to join his team to help people lower their bills.  

Nolen Davis, you are a God sent to this world to help the people become free and walk-in liberty, through becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Nolen Davis

Samaritans Feet

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Nolen Davis Interview with Isiah Carey Fox 26 News

Local Business & Philanthropist Wins Guinness Book of World Records

Local Business & Philanthropist Wins Guinness Book of World Records

Local Business & Philanthropist Wins Guinness Book of World Records


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Nolen Davis is helping lower monthly bills

Local Business & Philanthropist Wins Guinness Book of World Records

Local Business & Philanthropist Wins Guinness Book of World Records


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Nolen Davis is helping businesses Lower their Bills and save

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We are looking for agents and Independent consultants!

We are looking for agents and Independent consultants!





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We are looking for agents and Independent consultants!

We are looking for agents and Independent consultants!



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