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When a woman gives her heart away, it is a treasure that will envelop its receiver.  In her heart is love, passion, fulfillment, intimacy, family, mating, but when she needs a heart that is already filled with everything heaven has to offer, it isn't a man she will run to, it is her Lord!  God is love, He breathes love, He lives to love, He creates in love, He gave His Son in love, He loves the unlovable, and He saved through love.  

Naturally when I saw Appointed's new single "Give Me a Heart", I knew it had to be about God and not a man.  As I listened to this single, I was mesmerized!  I felt lie I was listening to a love ballad between two lovers that were so deep in love spiritually.  I felt the trust of a woman's heart towards her love. Give Me a Heart made me feel the emotions of a woman about to get married! "I want to be everything God desires, SOS help us"!. said Appointed. (2020)

Appointed has a vast array of accomplishments from over 15 radio interviews, to the  IRC Top Ten Billboard, Top 15 Songs of the Week.  She is the personality on WNRR Gospel 1380 AM and 93.3FM radio station in Augusta, Georgia.  Her music style is an Alternative Urban Contemporary Gospel, which may cross several genres because of its sound.  

Her music name, "Appointed", means selected or designated to fill an office or a position.  She has fulfilled the fullness thereof in walking out the meaning of her chosen name Appointed.  She is in the grind of pressing towards the mark of the high calling, in which she has an almost 24/7 walk.  As a CEO, singer, writer, radio personality and a host of her own radio show, At Home with Appointed, she knows hard work!  

How she managed to fulfill so much with great success, that was shown forth with the numerous awards she has won! Appointed awards include International Artist of the Year while she attended the GX Awards in the United Kingdom, Musical Innovator of the Year, New Art Profile Awards, several S&M Indie Gospel Music Awards, and 3 Newsome Music Awards and more.  I would like to announce, that Appointed in the 2021 River Award nomination for next year, sorry I had to let the cat out the bag, but it is just in the nomination stage and we will see the final results in late October 2020. Appointed is also one of the co-authors of a book titled "31 Ways of Influence that ultimately landed on the Amazon Best Selling List.

Appointed didn't stop at radio and singing, her show, "At Home With Appointed" was picked up by Bright Star Christian TV.  "At Home with Appointed"  also airs on several radio stations.  "We are all a connected family; we are homies even if you are an enemy".  A homie that is an enemy is from asking God to give her a heart...a heart to love anyone.  I was encouraged to get a new heart to love my enemies past their brokenness, thanks Appointed!

As God as my witness, I was surprised to find out that Appointed is the founder of the Spin Awards Magazine and the Spin Awards!  I had seen her heavily involved but I never say her boasting or bragging about being the founder and Executive Producer, etc., what an honor to find a humble servant!  Appointed started the Spin Award Magazine and from there she later created the Spin Awards.  One of our River Fam, Everette Drake is a recipient of a Spin Award, as well as Tony D, my mentor Jerry Royce, our River fam Charles Clark the actor from Empire, and many more.  In fact, Everette Drake has an award named in his honor "  EVERETT DRAKE DISTINCTION IN RADIO AWARD  ".  Appointed is well supported by some of the greats like Greg O'Quin and many others that support and endorse the Spin Awards.  I was told that out of all the Indie award events, the Spin Awards is one of the highly recommended events that every indie artist should attend as it is the biggest night in Christian Gospel Radio that strictly honors those who spin the gospel.   I want to attend the next one with all the connections God has allowed between Appointed and I, God is up to something big!

Appointed works with  Ant Parrish who has done the production work for her last two singles,  "Glorious" and "Give Me A Heart". Parrish works with artists that include Deitrick Haddon, Alicia Keys, J-Cole, and more.   Her selection of using  Ant is because he has the sound that matches perfectly with her music and is a good fit for her company.    Appointed left these final words to help the new upcoming artist, " Only what you do for Christ will last.  We ill need to do it for the Lord or we are like a tinkling cymbal.  We will need to do everything according to His way.  Start off any kind of business with God and let Him be the best and saturate it in His glory.  When we keep everything on Him and keep it locked on Christ everything will work out".  Appointed, (2020) 

Appointed, I wish you all the blessings that heaven has to give because you have been a heartbeat of God that is so refreshing. Blessings in abundance! 

Pamela J. 

Appointed's management company is UpLook Management to book her or find out more information, contact:  Ms. Snowden Booking Facilitator UpLook Management (706) 314-8840 www.appointed.mobiPress Kit:


NEW Single! Give Me A Heart

Bio of the Multi-Award Winning Recording Artist Appointed


Urban contemporary gospel recording artist known around some circles as Appointed has proven to hold true to the meaning of her name, "selected or designated to fill an office or a position" as she makes strides in the industry that include International Artist of the Year, GX Awards, four S & M Indie Gospel Music Awards, three Newsome Music Awards and more.  

Appointed is an "on-air" Radio Personality at WNRR Gospel 1380 AM & 93.3 FM. She's also the host of the At Home With Appointed show airing on various other radio platforms. She is the publisher of the award-winning SPIN AWARDS MAGAZINE and the Executive Producer of The Spin Awards Ceremony. The Spin Awards magazine and Ceremony to honor those who spin the gospel message.  

Along the way, Appointed battled various levels and types of adversity that included drug addiction, child abuse, depression, homelessness, domestic violence, and child molestation. During those hard times, Appointed did not know that all of the things she endured would ultimately lead to GOD being glorified through her life. She is a living, walking, breathing testimony to what God can do with what is meant to harm. All in all, she is a lover of GOD and a bonafide worship crier.  

Appointed's latest hot new single "Give Me A Heart" shares her desire to be everything that God has called her to be in Him. With endorsements from Andre L. Carter, Synergy Radio, Michael Stewart, Gospel Central, Everett Drake, Bobby Jones Gospel, and the legend himself, Greg O'quin declaring he "loves it" GIVE ME A HEART is surely impacting radio and souls.  

Appointed is on a mission to make massive moves for His Glory and continues to build a reputation as one of the ones to watch in the gospel music industry.  


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Executive Producer of the Spin Awards and Publisher of Spin


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